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I'm one of the Beesons from the Midlands, now living in Dorset, in the UK.

I haven't had much time over the last few years to get cracking on my family history and really must find some more time. However, I am keen to trace my family history as far as is possible and touch a bit of the richness that is the Beeson heritage. Maybe we share some of that heritage? I'd love to know if we do.

So far, I've followed the trace of the Beeson line from those of us from the Midlands to Birmingham of 1912 back through Ealing in the early 1900s, to Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire of the early 1800s.

And I'm still searching ...

The Beesons Exchange

My Beesons Exchange pages are not lost but I am re-thinking how best to share our collective findings and hope to bring new pages to the site in 2011 - that is when I am able to juggle effectively that necessay task of "working" along with beekeepng and relaxing in lovely West Dorset sea- and country-side.

My Researches

Other names I am chasing are Shillingford, also linked with Watton, Black Country mid-1800s; Hill and Bradley, Lye, late 1800s; Brindley Price (or Price), Belbroughton late 1800s; Barnes and Baker, Ealing, mid-1800s; Readsway, Rickmansworth, and Hull and Aldridge, Funtington, Sussex, mid-1800s.

How did it start?


Aldridge | Baker | Barnes | Beeson | Bradley | Brindley Price | Hill | Hull | Readsway | Shillingford | Smith | Watton

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