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Family Tree

Listed below are generations in chronological order showing birth, marriage and death dates plus location (where known). Links on names with differing surnames will take you to other Name research pages included in my family researches to date, as do the links at the bottom of this page.

The Shillingford Family

Click here for .pdf of descendents
of Thomas and Nancy

?Thomas Shillingford = ?Ann (Nancy)
Mary Ann b 1852
William Edward b 1865

[Mary Ann Shillingford]
[George b 1870, Wombourn]

Photo of  George and Jane Shillingford(William) George Shillingford (aka Joseph) = Jane Watton
married 2 July 1893, St Michaels Church, Brierley Hill
William George b 1894, Kingswinford
Albert b 1901, Kingswinford
Florence Maud b 1903, Kingswinford
Frederick b 1906, Kingswinford
Winnie b 1908, Kingswinford
Beatrice b 1909, Kingswinford, d 1980

Photo of  William and Beatrice Hill Beatrice Shillingford = William Hill
married 2 September 1928, Stourbridge Register Office
Beatrice Joan b 1929


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